Easy-Care Plants to Enhance Your Landscape Design

Easy-Care Plants

While landscaping and landscape design is important to many people, very few would want a yard that seems to use up all their spare time. But how are you supposed to strike a balance between a beautiful yard and one that takes minimal effort to maintain? Easy-care plants could be the answer. Here are a few easy-care plants in Australia that are worth considering to enhance your landscape design.


Liriope is a landscape design expert’s best friend. Not only is it beautiful, vibrant, and full of life, but it’s low maintenance, affordable, and versatile. You can use Liriope for border planting, green walls, and mass planting, and grow it from a cutting. As soon as you have one substantial plant, you can then split it into smaller plants and grow those to your heart’s content too.

This easy-care plant is robust, ideal for sun or shade, and you can cut it back to allow for new growth. What more could you want?


If you’re all about attitude, colour, and a little bit of pizzazz, then you’ll get that with Rhoeo. Also known as Moses in a Cradle, it’s a beautiful purple and green plant that both looks attractive and doesn’t need a lot of care. It will fill any area you plant it in – be it sun or shade – and will not ask for much love or your time. The only thing to consider is that this plant does not like wet soil and will sulk if you place it somewhere sodden.

Grass Tree

While a grass tree can be a labour of love over many years, you’ll be pleased you put in the effort. It might take several years to establish itself, but it will then require nothing from you for dozens of years. Grass trees are native to Australia and are exceptionally robust in most weather conditions. They can grow over two metres tall and, while expensive, can transform your landscape design with minimal effort.


If you’ve been racking your brains trying to think of ground cover plants that don’t need your TLC, then the answer is here: succulents. There is a myriad of different options on the market, and most of them only require soil. They don’t even care if there is any nutritional content in that soil. Plant them, give them sun and sandy soil, and pick away any dead leaves from time to time. They can then become green walls, feature plants, or ground cover additions.

It might take some time to find the perfect landscape design plants, but it’ll be worth the research. Get a helping hand from a landscaping expert to speed up the process and get that dream garden you always wanted.