Lawn Landscaping

Lawn Landscaping

Your Front Lawn

Don’t you love driving down a suburban street and drool over a house with front lawn landscaping that must be the envy of the neighbours? According to the turf experts some people being able to do that to their front yard is a labour of love, and they find it easy to do. But there are those amongst us who just don’t have that eye for design nor do they have a green thumb.  It’s really not that hard if you can grasp a few fundamentals of landscaping design. Let’s look at some ideas that might help get you started.

The Layout

Having a layout plan in your head or at least drawn is a great start. It’s really the first step in the project. You can’t really plan what you are doing if you don’t have a concept or a layout at least. When you design your landscape, the main thing is to ensure you balance all the elements. For example, a symmetrical design will be like a mirror. Split the yard area down the middle and what you plan for the left side should be balanced by what you plan for the right as well.

If you are going for asymmetrical that is also okay as it tends to offer a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere which is nice to have in a front garden design.

The Elements

Once the layout has been planned and selected, you need to decide on the larger elements you will want to incorporate. Attention grabbers, real features, are what you are looking to add for these elements. These elements might be large shrubs, big plants, or even trees. A feature garden full of flowering plants is a rather good option as well for this aspect. The main thing to remember is that the different things you incorporate have to match. Otherwise, visitors and onlookers might apply the term ‘hodge podge’ to the looks of your front yard.

Additional Features

Some other rather neat features can be considered once you have the larger elements in place. Fountains, ponds, fencing, and paving can all be incorporated after the layout and plants and flowers have been chosen. These items are used more to accent the basic layout design you have decided upon.

The Roll on Finishing Touch

When everything is finished to this point then fill the vacant spots with roll on turf. Depending on the size of the yard, the contrast of well laid turf against the elements and additional features is the master touch. It doesn’t make sense to sow lawn seed and wait an eternity to get your front yard effect when you have everything else all in place.

By taking the time and doing your research to create a well-planned front lawn landscaping design, your home will certainly be one of those that attracts the attention of passers-by and be the envy of the neighbours.