8 Reasons to Choose Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Leaving a car out in the rain and sun day and night does nothing for the duco or the interior. It is well-known that cars left in the sun become extremely hot and this has a bad effect on the materials inside the car. Sun and rain will eventually ruin the outside finish of the car as well. What can you do if there’s no garage? Shade Sails from Shade Sails Perth could offer the  protection your car needs.

Some people have no choice but to park their car in the street. They may live in a rental with no garage, or perhaps the block of ground their home is on is too small for a garage. Erecting a garage, car-port or shed can take a lot of time and cost a lot more than your budget allows. Getting the necessary permissions from council often takes months.

Meanwhile your car is outside getting scorched by all that hot weather and at risk of hail as well. So why not choose to have a shade sail instead?

  1. Shade sails are quick and easy to put up. You don’t need council permission, since it is not classed as a construction because there are no foundations needed. You can have your car protected in less than a week depending on what is needed for the installation.
  2. Sails are waterproof if you get the top quality ones that have the fabric coated so it doesn’t let the rain through. Cheaper shade cloth is not waterproof, but it can still be an option if you just want sun protection for your vehicle.

  1. There are many great designs and colours. You can have one custom made to suit your home or your preference.
  2. Sails can be installed in many different locations. Right next to your home, in the front yard or in the back yard. You can have one installed right across the front door so you can get in and out without getting wet.

  3. Once your car is under cover it will be much more comfortable to get in on a hot day and you won’t have to wait for the steering wheel to cool down before you can touch it.
  4. Your car insurance premiums may be less if the car is under cover.
  5. Your car will be in better condition, meaning you’ll get a better trade-in on it when selling. Or if you sell it privately, advertising it as a car kept under cover will also get you a better deal.
  6. When driving a car that is in good condition you feel a lot better than driving one that looks a hundred years old. Taking pride in keeping your car looking good means you never have to feel bad because your car looks horrible.