Dealing with Common Carpet Cleaning Predicaments

Carpets are one of the things in the house that naturally tend to become a mess whether we like it or not. From stains, chewing gum, pet poop and pee, candies, to candle wax, according to Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth carpet cleaning predicaments are a dime a dozen. But this shouldn’t keep you from keeping your carpets squeaky clean with a few tricks on the sleeve.

  1. Chewing Gum – Things couldn’t be messier when you unknowingly step on chewing gum and accidentally stick it onto your carpet. While getting the sticky glob out may seem impossible at first, a couple of ice cubes can provide an easy solution to your woes. Begin by freezing the gum for about 30 seconds using ice cubes. After it is already frozen, you can use a spoon to lift up the gum. Then cut away the carpet strands that has caught the gum, making sure that you cut away only a small part of carpet.

  1. Pet Poop and Pee – Pet lovers know that your carpet isn’t safe from pet poo and pee no matter how well-trained your pets may be. It is hence best to stock up on organic cleaners to keep your carpet clean after any accident involving your pets. Costing around $10 for one spray bottle, organic cleaners can get rid of pet poop and pee with some scrubbing and wiping off with a cloth afterwards.
  2. Candies – Parents also know that children in the house can prove to be a carpet’s worse enemy. When a piece of candy accidentally makes it to the carpet, you can try scraping it off using bread knife or spotter brush. You can then apply water mixed with soap on the affected area using sponge in order to remove all traces of sugar. This is important to make sure the spot won’t easily attract dirt and debris in the future. After removing the candy, you can dry the spot using towels or cloth.
  3. Candle Wax – Wax from candles is another common carpet cleaning predicament. In order to remove wax that have dried and embedded itself on your carpet, it is necessary to heat the wax up again. To do this, put a piece of white cloth on your iron, then place the iron on the wax in order to warm it up. But take care not to leave the iron on for over 30 seconds lest you risk scorching the carpet itself. Once the heating is done, you can scrape off the wax with a bread knife. You can then place toilet paper on the affected area and iron this in order to bind any remaining wax to the paper. You can repeat this process a few more times until all the wax is removed.

  4. Don’t Rub the Stains – Finally, it is important to remember never to rub the stains when cleaning your carpet. Stains can be blotted using cleaning solutions and a sponge, toilet papers, or a clean cloth and putting a little amount of pressure on the stained spot and soaking it up. This should be done from the outside of the stain moving inward to avoid further spreading the stain. Rubbing the stains will only lead to stain particles getting ground onto the carpet fibers, resulting to their untimely breakdown.