How to Make Moving into Your New Home Easier

Most people would agree that moving is a big hassle. It is not only all the packing and cleaning you have to do; moving into the new home and unpacking is also hard work. One way to make it a little easier is to label all the boxes by room type and ask the removalists like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne to take each box to its room.

At least then the boxes will be on hand and you can unpack all the contents near to where they will be stored.  Here are some more tips to make moving into your new home easier.

  1. Apart from labelling the boxes with the room name, colour code them for what they contain.
  1. Decide beforehand where you want the large furniture to go. Draw up a floor plan of the house and give it to the removalists so they know where to put it all if you are not right to hand to tell them. This will save you time and the inconvenience of shifting it again.

  1. If you have children, give each one a backpack containing their essentials for the next 24 hours. Things like PJs, toothbrush, favourite soft toy if they are little and a change of clothing for the next day are all necessities. Then you won’t have to rush with their unpacking and there will be no tears because teddy can’t be found.
  1. Pack plenty of drinks/snacks, especially if you have a long trip to the new home. It will save time having to stop and buy them.
  1. Use the esky for your fridge food so you don’t need to throw it out – or go shopping too soon when you’d rather be unpacking.
  1. Get in touch with the real estate agent and let them know what day you are moving in, then phone them on that day so they don’t forget to have the key ready.
  1. Make sure the utilities will be all switched on the day before you move in.
  1. If you have pets, take them to a kennel for a few days so you can get unpacked without them being underfoot. Otherwise, keep dogs contained in a secure back yard and cats locked in one room or in their travelling cage until all the moving is over and things have quietened down.
  1. Keep cats inside for a few days before you allow them out by themselves or they could take fright and disappear, then become lost.
  1. Keep your cool and remember it doesn’t all have to be perfect immediately. If there are boxes unpacked next week it doesn’t really matter; if kids go to bed without a shower for one night, the world won’t come to an end.