Plumbing: Air Quality and Your Health


It’s the air that you breathe

It’s no secret that the quality of air you breathe has an impact on your health. Think pollution and its effects. You are at home more than anywhere else, so the air you breathe at home is super important. Is your air clean or is it like many homes a poorer quality than the air outside?

An expert installation by a plumber of a HVAC system ensures its efficiency is responsible for reduced air leaks and has also eliminated the exchange of air with the outside. This means that odours, chemicals, particles and micro-organisms can build up over time and are trapped inside the home. The filter on your system can keep out larger particles, but it’s not able to truly purify the air inside your home. There are specific air purifiers these days that can bring the natural energy of the sun indoors and keep your air clean to ensure greater well-being.