Plumbing: Air Quality and Your Health


It’s the air that you breathe

It’s no secret that the quality of air you breathe has an impact on your health. Think pollution and its effects. You are at home more than anywhere else, so the air you breathe at home is super important. Is your air clean or is it like many homes a poorer quality than the air outside?

An expert installation by a plumber of a HVAC system ensures its efficiency is responsible for reduced air leaks and has also eliminated the exchange of air with the outside. This means that odours, chemicals, particles and micro-organisms can build up over time and are trapped inside the home. The filter on your system can keep out larger particles, but it’s not able to truly purify the air inside your home. There are specific air purifiers these days that can bring the natural energy of the sun indoors and keep your air clean to ensure greater well-being.

Indoor Air Quality

The air quality inside your home is affected by many factors. Environmental pollutants such as dirt, dust and pollen enter your home through your door and windows and become trapped. They are then circulated through your home by the HVAC system. There’s nothing like a stable environment maintained by appliances and home heating to foster viruses, bacteria and mould. Then there’s the cooking odours as well as the smoke which can all circulate forever with your indoor air. If you have dogs or cats, or both, then add animal dander and smells regardless of how meticulous you are with grooming. Other household smells can come from varnishes, paints, chemicals from cleaning solutions, and even odours from carpets and upholstery.

Can you Improve Air Quality?

Certainly, air purifiers provide a natural and reliable answer to the multitude of odours and of being able to improve air quality. Some UV light air purifiers clean the air. This type of UV light can kill micro-organisms and eliminate other problems to provide cleaner air.

There’s not a lot of installation work for an air purifier. You can get a stand-alone unit or you can get a plumber to install and integrate one into the air handler of the HVAC system. Once in place you get purified, high quality air each time the heating or cooling system is running. If you have one with a UV light, it eliminates the build-up of allergens. The system will break down odours, ultimately providing cleaner, fresher-smelling air. The air purifier can be checked during routine preventative maintenance visits.

If you value your health, or if any family members suffer from allergies, then a good quality air purifier with a UV light is the way to go.