Chain Link Fence for Security

chain link fence

Chain link security fencing is both practical and cheap. It provides extra security for your business or your home without costing an arm and a leg. Not all fencing contractors love chain link fencing but there are a few good reasons why this basic fencing material is a good choice.


Chain link fencing requires very little maintenance, unlike timber fences. There’s no need to spend a weekend staining or painting a chain link security fence. Termites won’t be a bother either.

The zinc coating prevents corrosion making the chain link fence great in the toughest conditions. Regardless of the weather, a chain link fence won’t fall apart.

You can get a vinyl coating in black or green if you choose, and this gives even better protection against the weather. If you damage the fence, it’s a lot easier to repair then other fencing types.


Just because it’s a cheaper option doesn’t mean that chain link won’t provide good protection and keep intruders from your property.

You can buy chain link fencing in different heights and with additional security attachments. As chain link is see-through, you can see around your property clearly. There are a few different options for styles of gates as well.

Criminals prefer easy targets and the chain link fence provides a barrier between intruders and your home or business. Nor can they hide behind a chain link fence. No cover.

The Look

The gauge of wire can be customised to either heavy or light gauge giving you a different appearance. The fence can be vinyl coated in green or black. That will change the look of the fence.

Chain Link is Affordable

Chain link fencing costs a fraction of fences made from other materials such as timber or steel. If you’re doing fencing on a budget, or you have a large property that requires boundary fencing, chain link is a great alternative.

Easy to Maintain

Just a wash with some soapy water occasionally will keep the chain link fence looking as good as new. If you have a busy schedule, the last thing you need is having to maintain the fence. By applying some simple maintenance practices, the fence will remain in good condition for years.

Security Gives Peace of Mind

If your kids like playing outside, you will want to keep them safe and contained. Young children tend to run out on the street with little warning. If there’s nothing to stop them, there is an inherent danger with traffic. A chain link fence will provide a safe barrier allowing the kids to play in the yard without you worrying about them too much.

Pet Areas

Chain link fencing is great in being able to keep your dog to a specific area. It can also be used to stop the dog from digging in your garden. It is a great way to protect your dog, not only from getting outside, but from what can get inside.