Pros and Cons of a Timber Fence for Business

Timber Fence

There are many different kinds of fencing to be had for both residential and commercial applications. While most fencing contractors can erect a timber fence, they will also mention the pros and cons of having one. However, they are a traditional fence used often, so it may be just what you want. Before making a firm decision, here are some pros and cons.


Timber from professional timber suppliers can be used to make many different types of fences, not just the usual picket fence. Another attractive option is the post and rail fence, which has two wide rails inserted into holes in the fence posts. Such a fence is not for security or to keep pets and toddlers in. It is to mark the boundary.

  • A timber picket fence can keep intruders out and pets in if it is high enough concrete footing to prevent digging under it.
  • Timber can be painted to match the colour of your home, creating a nice effect and a beautiful curb appeal, especially if it suits the style of your building.
  • Timber is relatively affordable and is a renewable resource.
  • It withstands a great deal of hot sun and rain if it is kept painted.
  • It can be quite easily mended. You don’t usually have to replace the whole lot if something is broken.
  • It is easy to erect.


  • Timber tends to warp in locations where there is high humidity. It’s not suitable for wet climates.
  • It takes a lot of maintenance to keep it painted or oiled so the timber doesn’t get wet and rot.
  • It can burn down quite quickly.
  • It will break if a branch falls on it – a problem many other fences have.
  • Children can climb over some types of timber fences.
  • Timber rots if it rests against the ground for long.
  • Timber is prone to termite activity, especially if it is not treated correctly and touches the ground – which is the case with many picket fences.

A timber fence is not considered a high-security fence, but it might be sufficient for your needs, especially if you don’t need to keep children safe, as a kindergarten or daycare business would need to. However, depending on the style, it can be classed as a low-security fence.

Having a fence around your business helps to define the boundaries, and if you also have internal borders, they can help to direct clients into the right place – and keep them from personnel-only areas.