Concrete Gravel Boards and Posts

Concrete Gravel Boards

If you don’t know what gravel boards are, they are short panels attached below the fence panels, to keep the fencing from contact with the ground. The gravel boards will prevent mud, moisture, insects and whatever else that can cause the fence to deteriorate, which could mean replacement well before it’s due.

Easy to Install Different Ways

The gravel boards provide flexibility when the height of your fence can vary due to the terrain. For example, if the fence location is sloped, the concrete gravel boards can be partially buried making your fence sit level as a result. Another benefit from using these types of boards means they can retain soil that might naturally run away and be lost from a garden bed. If you have gardens set up at various heights, the gravel boards help to divide off each section.

Wooden Fence Posts or Concrete?

There are pros and cons when it comes to deciding on what type of fence post to use when erecting your fence. Like most things, the ‘get what you pay for’ principle also applies in the case of concrete or timber. It’s the customer’s choice to consider appearance, quality, practicality or price. It gets down to budget or what your idea of saving money over the long term means to you.


Pros and Cons of a Timber Fence for Business

Timber Fence

There are many different kinds of fencing to be had for both residential and commercial applications. While most fencing contractors can erect a timber fence, they will also mention the pros and cons of having one. However, they are a traditional fence used often, so it may be just what you want. Before making a firm decision, here are some pros and cons.


Timber from professional timber suppliers can be used to make many different types of fences, not just the usual picket fence. Another attractive option is the post and rail fence, which has two wide rails inserted into holes in the fence posts. Such a fence is not for security or to keep pets and toddlers in. It is to mark the boundary.